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Video Conferencing - seeing is believing

Video conferencing is no longer viewed as a high-end, executive-only luxury. Business professionals across all sectors are realising that video conferencing generates cost savings, increased productivity and enhanced communications effectiveness.

Unity provide video conferencing systems in a variety of form factors that can be integrated into new and existing audio-visual systems. In addition to providing the ability for face-to-face communications, properly equipped video conferencing systems allow users to share presentation materials from other sources.

A video conferencing system significantly enhances the ability for participants to communicate with one another on a regional, national and global scale and provides a powerful combination of presentation and communication capabilities.


Desktop Video Conferencing

Desktop video conference systems are an ideal entry level solution for individuals wishing to to take part in meetings. They are designed to either work with an existing PC/screen or are a complete screen/video conference system combined into one.


Group Video Conferencing

Group video conferencing systems are designed to allow several people to participate in a video conference at each location. Most group video conference systems are installed into Meeting Rooms and Boardrooms. Unity AV are able to supply and install either low cost standard definition 'entry level' systems or high definition systems that give the ultimate in sound and picture quality.



Telepresence systems are designed for companies and organisations that demand the very best performance, and require a dedicated facility in which to provide communications with their distant corporate sites or clients & suppliers. Telepresence systems typically comprise multiple screens; often three for the 'far end' views and one for 'content' that is included in the 'meeting'. Telepresence provides near 'life-like' realism and offers the most compelling reason to avoid travelling and all of its associated costs and environmental implications.

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